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Our Beloved Amy



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


We are looking forward to another busy year coming up.

Several bus trips to Nashville and the surrounding areas in the early spring and summer.

Dates have been added for Minnesota and New Jersey, including southern Michigan as well.


On a sad note, we've lost one of our beloved posse members this year, Amy Covell.

We will miss her smile, talent, humor and her laugh. She would always sing Peace In The Valley when we were returning home; so tired but her voice and her being would give us strength through the miles and miles home. Her photos are archived in the bus along with her memories. She continues to ride along with us......we can feel it.


Hopes of some new gospel recordings are in the plans for late 17' early 18'.......stay tuned.


Thank you all for your support, sales and prayers.


God Bless, Mark





Ronnie McDowell and Mark Graham