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  • Amie Welch (Sunday, September 29 13 04:56 pm EDT)

    Mark, Thank you for rolling with all the delays at my daughters wedding on Saturday. You were amazing. Cailey has been listening to your CD ever since. Thank you for making Meri and Jim's reception
    such a fun night.

  • marilyn (Thursday, July 18 13 12:23 am EDT)

    mark you are the sweetest man alive and i am proud to call you my friend and i know you will be a big star because you already shine love ya honey...home bar huzzy

  • Kris-A-Beth (Monday, June 24 13 08:04 pm EDT)

    This goes out to the most AMAZING Man I have ever known. Mark Graham! Not Only, for the amazing job you did for the reception and all the hard work you did, but without you My kids wedding would not
    have been so spectacular. you are so amazing. and with that said. Mark, you have no Idea what you did, when you made Ashley's dream a Reality saturday, (story)... Ashley(weeda) has always wanted to
    ride in a fire truck it has been her dream for years. and with out anyone knowing Mark had contacted the local fire department and spoke to the Fire Chief. In Wellston Michigan, and made that dream a
    reality for her. he had almost everyone in tears when Ashley happily hopped up into that fire engine. with a big smile she rode off in her dream. Mark you touched so many people at that moment. Words
    cannot express the feeling at that moment for everyone. And the smile on your face was just breathtaking. you deserve everything.
    I love you with every ounce of my soul, I thank you for loving me and my girls. we all love you and forever cherish the memories you have graciously given us. — feeling Overwhelmed with love.

  • Mrs C. (Saturday, March 23 13 05:24 pm EDT)

    You'll never meet a nicer person. His voice and heart are amazing. I hope he does another CD in the near future.

  • Marie Lallinger (Sunday, November 11 12 01:28 pm EST)

    There are no words to express my joy and happiness over this long awaited cd. So proud is she who types this message. Love the music and the musician even more. You know how special you are to me
    Dear Boy. As you once said, glad that our train tracks have crossed. Life would be dull without our KB. Never stop singing. I Cherish our friendship. Marie

  • Diana (Thursday, October 18 12 08:07 pm EDT)

    I love you brother and am so proud of you.

  • Munchkin (Thursday, October 18 12 12:52 pm EDT)

    Mark is like my second dad. I love listening to him sing. I love the whole cd, but Number 7 is by far my favorite, I listen to it over and over and over. His voice never gets old. You always make
    sure everyone has an amazing time when you're in their presence. I am sooo proud of you and am so proud my girls get to call you God Dad... I love you!!

  • Renae (Wednesday, October 17 12 05:54 pm EDT)

    Mark is an awesome person..such talent..I Love to listen to him favorite song on The Truth Behind Me CD is #8!! all the songs are good no doubt about that..Such a fantastic voice!!! Mark has
    a heart as big as the world and when he sings you can feel the emotions, Mark is a very special person to me there have been times when I needed a shot of hope and its like he knows and sings the
    right song for the right moment in life..Everyone who knows him has been touched by him in one way or another whether its a "hello", "hug" or song..Mark is a wonderful person with a big heart. The
    pictures in the CD booklet are just amazing..Talent and Good Looks!! so proud to be your friend!! You are a star and you shine bright..Love ya..
    your #1 fan...Renae



Miss Rosie

(Friday, May 31 13 0425 pm EDT)

Mark,   I just listened to your CD you gave me.  It's GREAT!!!!!
Loretta loves it too.
See you next time you come to Loretta's Ranch
Keep on singing KId..


Ted Rigg

(Saturday, November 3 12 0801 pm EDT)

Mark, this is a great album, my family and myself have enjoyed it. I was right you'll be bigger than Garth..... Warren would be proud. When is the next album coming out.




(Monday, October 22 12 0428 am EDT)

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Ain't it wonderful when a plan comes together? Lovin this and you too!!!!!



(Monday, October 15 12 1226 am EDT)

I have listened to Mark sing for seems like an eternity and his voice just chills me. He has a unique voice like no other. I have my favorites he sings as do countless of others. #8 On The Truth Behind Me CD has been one of my favorites and he sings it with such heart. Mark's life experiences shows through in the song choices he has made. He has one of the biggest hearts and is there to lend to anyone in need, without expecting anything in return. Music I believe is within his soul. He has touched so many people and I don't believe he even realizes how much he has impacted every ones lives through music he has played and sang. Well done and I am so proud of you.....take in all the love you are about to receive.......




(Sunday, October 14 12 1536 pm EDT)

I have the hugest crush on Mark. The photos in the CD are great, but to hear the voice along with it......heaven.



(Wednesday, October 10 12 0917 am EDT)

We have three cd's in California, thanks Mark